Are you managing a whole new remote workforce or working remote for the first time?

In response to the uncertainties presented by Covid-19, many firms are now required to have their employees work remotely. The newly remote workforce is grappling with maintaining productivity, collaboration, and business as usual.

Firms are struggling with responsibly; they have to provide the "virtual office." One in which employees can meet virtually but also manage shared files and calendars and collaborative editing, all while operating within a firms' security and data governance standards.

Join us as we cover the common challenges and missteps and how you can ensure your selection, on-boarding, training, and use of these tools provide the seamless transition for your firms and employees into the new virtual office.

Highlights of this Webcast 

  • Common pitfalls & challenges firms are facing. 
  • How to use Microsoft Teams with other Office 365 apps.
  • See Microsoft Teams in action as a dedicated hub for teamwork where chat, content, people, and tools live together in Office 365.
  • How these tools help build, scale, and sustain culture across organizations.



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